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Analysis of Cams and

CMM2000 with Open CASCADE Technology for 3D Cams modelling

CS CMM2000 is an application oriented to the analysis of cams wheel flat and cylindrical when is known the follower motion.

The analysis is faced in two directions:
  1. known the follower motion it is possible to generate: Cam profile, displacement, velocity and acceleration diagrams.
  2. known the empirical Cam design it is possible to generate: displacement, velocity and acceleration diagrams.
Is also possible to define some Intermittent Working Mechanism as
Geneva Wheels Movement, Star Wheels and Intermittent Drum Mechanism.

Geneva Wheel ( Croci di Malta )

Star Wheels ( Ruote Stellari )

Follower Motion Graph ( Placche di Rotazione )

Main functionalities:
  • Use of different followers ( Knife-edge, roller,  flat-faced with/without offset follower ).
  • Evaluation of conjugate Cams (follower configuration: rocker-arm, yoke radial cam flat-faced, and so ).
  • Cam profile with misaligned follower.
  • Graphics simulation of follower displacement.
Desmodromic Cam

  • Pressure angle and cam radius curvature evaluation with diagrams plotting.
  • Output in MI, DXF, IGES, STEP and other 3D format useful for CAD.
  • MECAD interfacing (software application for flat kinematic motion design).
  • Data report with images and table in HTML format.
  • EXCEL format data export.
  • Capability of use of various followers motion and its interactive management.
  • Independent definition of the follower motion using a normal function y=f(x).
  • Data acquisition from a points file (cartesian or polar) defining a Cam profile.
  • Acquisition of points from 2D profile centered in 0,0 ( es. drawing policentric cams)
  • Output of Cam profile ,converted in tangent arc, ready to use on CN machine.
  • 3D simulation ( CutViever ).
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