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Tecnology for 3D Gears modelling

GEAR2000  -  not only Gears

GEAR2000 is an application oriented to the analysis and optimization of the gear pair, connected with working conditions complying with DIN 58400-58405-3960-867, CETEHOR, ANSI/AGMA 2005-D03.
  • Cylindrical gears, parallel axes, external/internal, straight and helical toothing.
  • Cylindrical gears Cetheor specification.
  • Bevel gears pair, external straight toothing, concurrent axes
  • Bevel gears ANSI/AGMA 2005-D03 specification; Zerol, Spiral, Hypoids, Face Gear.
  • Mathematical dynamical check of steel worm screw / hostaform gear wheel coupling.
  • Lobe Rotors Pump.
  • Root Compressor.
  • Lubrificating Gerotor Pumps.
  • Wankel engine.
  • RPS Racks and RPG gears.
  • Cylindrical spline mating DIN 5480, DIN 5482, UNI ISO 4156 and NF E 22-141.
  • Synchronous Pulley : UNI 8103 - DIN 7721-2 - AT - HTD.
  • Chain wheel ISO 606.
  • Non circular gear (Elliptical and Multispeed).
  • Single Screw - Co-Rotating / Counter-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders.

CS GEAR2000 is interfaced with other CAM SOFT applications oriented to the working on CN machine like:
  • CS EDM2000   EDM wire profile cutting for dies.
  • CS PGL2000    2.5 axes milling and turning.

CS GEAR2000 evolving every day, in the last upgrade there are 8 new special profile.

Main functionality :

  • Negative allowance check, sliding analysis and balancing with/without change in distance between centers; advise for the optimized solution.
  • Mesh graphic simulation and clearance check.
  • Plotting and printing of complete gear data, complying DIN standard.

  • Recalculation and check of all input-parameters, looking for DIN specification; every inconsistency is displyed, sanction is required to standard dispensation.
  • Tooth profile and whole gear generation, output of CAD file in DXF and MI format.
  • Whole gear profile generation, ready to use on CN Machine (EDM Wire).
  • Solid generation for mesh 3D graphic simulation; 3D output in Iges3D,STEP, STL and VRML format.
  • Storing and loading design data, modify and redesign capability.

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