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Tecnology for 3D model

PGL2000  -  easy, powerful and flexible

CS PGL2000 is an application software producing powerfull advanced functionality for automatic programming and simulation system for Numerical Control Machines.

The interpretation of more common CAD formats like MI, DXF, IGES 2D enables the quick bridge from the mechanical drawing to the CNC File for machining.

The geometric window displies the loaded files and enables the commands to modify and optimize the drawing, the geometric window is also enabled to define further independent geometry from the CAD.

Some commands:
  • Introduction of new geometry (ie: fillets, points, segments, arcs and so on; definition of new profiles not acquired from cad).
  • Positioning of the zero working (also for different parts simultaneously loaded).
  • Clearing of unnecessary geometry and management of the active colours.
  • Repetitions with positioning and rotation.
  • Correction of tangency problems using the commands trim, cut, extend.
  • Immediate automatic generation or recognition of canonics profiles (slots, polygons and so on).
  • Automatic recognition of holes diameter and position.
  • Dangerous superposed elements clearing.
  • Dimensions insertion to complete the drawing.
  • Distances check to confirm the tool access capability.
  • Many other facility to increase operator productivity.

The technological window displies the geometry and enables the application of the technologic strategies.
  • Three definition level of technology for drilling and milling:manual control, simple instructions control and automatic control.
  • 2D and 3D milling.
  • Material selection and automatic assignement of technological cutting parameters:
    • from pre-defined tool in database
    • from technological table

  • Machine tools crib management.
  • Interctive visualization of generated CN file concerning the current status of job.
  • Second safety level definition (obstacle and bracket step over).
  • CNC machines simulation removing material from stock in true solid modeling.
  • Pallet management.
  • Rotating axe management (4th axe) continuous movement or indexed.
  • Rotating head (5th axe).
No more complex calculation routines for the operator:
  • Definition of no-quoted points
  • Computing of center tool path
  • Shrink material effects
  • Secondary level of the workplane management in respect to the Z base.
Minimum request of data in technological macros management; CS PGL2000 advise  for all automatically computable data:
  • Machining allowance for roughing-out.
  • Over Z value connected with sharpening angle and thickness get over.
  • Increment for every pass in XY plane and Z direction.
  • Syntax check for inputed data, warning for inconsistent or dangerous situations.
  • Simultaneus data INPUT and Check of DATA.
  • Management af all executed operations : ordering and mode.

  • Complete graphic representation of the job with drastic reduction of errors.

    • Quick transition among the Geometry and Technology windows to editing: 
    Every modification acts immediatly on the CNC File.
    • Availability of a specially created Editor for a quick and safe setup of the CNC File.

      • Set of customized Post-Processors.
      CS PGL2000 is interfaced with CS MERCURIO application for output data management :
      • Simultaneous transmission of CNC files on a Serial network of until 32 peripherals.
      • Output of all the informations connected to the involved transmission in a report-file.

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