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MODELSCAN - Generations of tridimensional engraving path
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MODELSKI - Ski Mold design
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EDITOR for CNC files
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CNCEditor is the new CNC Files editor who enables, over the normal capability of manipulation of the text Files, a large group of facilities, very useful to modify and optimize the typical files of the CNC Machining Tool.
It becomes very easy to renumber a CNC File or to interchange the moving axes, to change the sign or the format of the numeric informations.
A file PREVIEW, during the catalogue, enables the fast recognition of the file because the visualization of the tool path in the three typical view.
The capability of CNCEditor to manage the CNC Files is very important when a lot of  ISO CNC Files must be selected, adapted and optimized.
The monitor can be shared in more windows enabling the capability to use Cut-Paste procedure.

Standard parts of CN file can be saved in order to use them to prepare a new file (header – queue – tool change).
Make-up of the tools table; containing: tool change line number, tool number and, if present, the tool description.
CNCEditor reduces errors possibility, it acts directly and unambiguously on the ISO codes in the file; it modifies automatically the values connected with the selected codes:
The inversion or exchange of Axes is not made with a simple sobstitution of address character but acting on the File looking to the name of the selected axes.
The "File renumbering" operation is enabled to recognize special codes regarding conditioned loops and repetitions.

Each linear Axe is connected with more codes in order to recognize rotatig or added linear axes as:
- Rotating Axes and added Linear Axes  ( ie: X_axe with A_axe and X_axe with U_axe ).
- Arc Center coordinates (ie: X_axe with I ;  Y_axe with J ;  Z_axe with K ).
The monitoring of the path is enabled to recognize the assigned codes for each enabled axe.
The Format of the numerical values, connected with each axe, can be indipendently modified
(ie: ;  xxxx,xxx ;  xxxxxxx ); a suffix can be added and used like a Machine Parameter.

The positioning inside the File can be obtained :
- with a simple search.
- searching and counting each recurrence of a known string.
- searching the known character number inside the File.
Each line in the File can be completed/modified adding or deleting at the start or/and the end a specific terminator.

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