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MERCURIO  serve simultaneously until 32 CNC

MERCURIO  connect CNCs with RS232 interface and CAT5 & CAT6 cable

CS MERCURIO is a WINDOWS native program oriented to the transmission of CNC files on a Serial network; it is enabled to serve simultaneously until 32 peripherals (base 2, 4 and 8), connected with one only archive computer, through ports  RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and CURRENT LOOP.

CS MERCURIO can be linked with some others CAM SOFT programs like CNCAssistant and CNCEditor orieted programs for specific management of CNC files.

Main functionalities :
  • Continous monitoring of the current operations and display, in real time, of the state of each active connection.

Continous monitoring

  • High level of automation of the I/O processes.
  • Nevertheless it is possible the manual intervention in order to send one or more selected Files.

  • A generic DNC cooperating with a customized DNC as :
    • MAHO 
    • Z16  e  Z32
directly manages the transmission of files 3D (high dimensions) while the milling operation is executed.
  • Concentration in only one archive of all the CNC working Files of a big mechanical workshop.

Only ONE Archive for CNC files

    • Every transmission is directly managed from the Control Panel of the CNC; every operator acts directly only on the Control Panel of the connected CNC. The operator sends the request of transmission from its working place.
    • It allows the preservation of the archive PC from external handling.
    • CS MERCURIO deletes the loss of time in multiple transmissions because it manages in MULTI-TASKING  more processes in one time.
    • Every operator seems to be the only user of the archive PC.
    • No slowdown is pointed out in multiple use of  DNCs, the PC seems to be devoted to a single operator.
    • Available utilities allow the visualization, directly on the display of the CNC, of informations as messages to the operator an the list of the devoted directory on the archive PC.
    • Only one supervisor is enabled, on-line, to monitor continuously the I/O activity of all the files from CNC and from PC and to send messages to the Machining Tool operator.
    • Possibile problems are advised in real-time, all the informations, connected to the involved transmission, are archived in a report-file enabling the immediate check of the work-state of each Machining Tool.
    • It is very easy to configure and customize the System, and to add new connections.

      Configurations FAST and EASY

      • CS MERCURIO is enabled to the automatic loading of more files used in palletized machining.
      • CS MERCURIO is enabled, by special option, to the automatic conversion of the known CNC File  for a different CNC before the transmission.
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