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IGES3DCUT Cut without problems... in ESPRIT

IGES3DCUT  -  Solve the problems of cutting IGES and STEP 3D Models

is an application oriented to generate cuts, parallel to the Reference face, of a solid.
The action is applied directly on the IGES3D and STEP files.

The cutting results are correct two-dimensional profiles, these can be directly used to serve Machining Centers and EDM Wire.
The geometric window displies the loaded files and enables the commands to modify and optimize the drawing using the following:
  • Positioning of the zero working (also for a lot of parts simultaneously loaded, in this case the “zero” becomes common).
  • Solid orientation change - rotation of the solid in respect to the axes of the base reference faces.
  • Informations about faces, edges and vertex are visualized.
  • Capability to overpose the 2D DXF drawing on the solid 3D model, for a simply grafic verification.
  • Customizing of tolerance parameters for the automatic transformation of splines in tangent circles arcs.
  • Automatic trimming of the solid surfaces and cleaning of of the 2D profile in order to generate a correct CNC file.
  • Quick cut execution and capability to save the obteined file in DXF, MI format or directly in the owner format of CS EDM2000.
Read 3D Solid Models ( IGES3D and STEP ) 3D Cut

IGES3DCUT is now integrated in EDM2000

Particular implementation with ESPRIT  (VBA MACRO)


The active window visualizes the solid to be manipulated, the following usual commands can be used :
  • Window enlargement and optimization.
  • Selection of the assonometric view and ortogonal proiections.
  • Dynamic rotation using the mouse.
  • Enabling and disabling the visualization of the elementary entities of the solid (faces, edges and vertex).

  • Quick positioning of the solid in the correct cutting position.
  • Capability to represent the solid shaded or wire frame, with or without hidden lines.
  • Complete graphic handling for visual inspection.
  • Fiew parameters can be configured to handle the shape allowance, the surfaces trimming and the conversion of the splines in geometrical elements useful for the CN.
  • Maximum correctness of the 2D files in order to obtain a reliable recognizing of the profiles to work.
  • Capability to submit to the CAM operator all the cutting operations on the solid without the use of a solid modeller.
Cutting 3D Models with
AUTOMATIC Adjustments
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